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depth imagingWELCOME to SeismicCity

SeismicCity uses the most advanced depth imaging technologies.

SeismicCity is an industry leader in providing depth imaging services and technology, dedicated to the development and application of the newest technologies in depth imaging.

At SeismicCity, we focus on execution of model building and depth imaging projects, assisting our clients’ oil & gas exploration programs in varying geological environments..


SeismicCity is dedicated to the development and implementation of depth imaging technology. The company’s objective is to construct and deliver the most reliable depth migrated volumes for its clients. SeismicCity development includes the newest algorithms in prestack depth migration. This includes TTI anisotropic common shot reverse time migration (TTI RTM). SeismicCity proprietary prestack depth migration algorithms are used for both model building and final imaging and are commonly used for both prospect generation as well as planning. SeismicCity’s anisotropic prestack depth migrations were used for mapping and successful drilling in some of the recent discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico …read more


SeismicCity's model building and depth imaging services include the three components needed to successfully execute a depth imaging project: advanced prestack depth migration algorithms, accurate velocity analysis and model building tools, and data analysis and simulation workflows. 

Our highly experienced staff uses the most advanced depth imaging technologies to execute depth imaging projects. These include the newest developments in depth imaging tools such as Reverse Time Migration, anisotropic model building and anisotropic depth imaging, as well as full wave equation simulation for data analysis and acquisition design.

In the execution of depth imaging projects, we use proprietary algorithms developed in-house on top of commercial software packages. This enables us to provide the best available solutions in processing, interpretation and depth imaging including;

  • Accurate model building for depth imaging
  • Prestack depth migration using proprietary algorithms
  • Simulation for data analysis and acquisition design
  • Anisotropic parameter estimation and Anisotropic prestack depth migration
  • Interpretation and modeling of complex geological structures
  • Pre-processing and data preparation for depth imaging
  • For our clients we provide in house training on the practical aspects of depth imaging technology.